Life is a journey and all of us discover every day a new experience. During my journey i have spoken with so many people and enjoyed to learn about their life moments and already experienced from my life. Not only on the business topic in all moments like family stories, stories from people you meet at the airport, in a taxi, at the hospital when you wait for treatment etc. Everything we do , where we go and what happens make sense and such sense could be motivated to exchange with others. We communicate, we travel, we suffer, we learn, we love or we experience on our life path.


Stories are important to share with others – this gives a memory on us. Some stories make us positive and emotional some others make us crying or angry. Stories and experiences and emotions were always shared in different ways in the past and will be shared in the future. Stories are not linked to productivity or money. Stories have a high value as being a human is the highest value we could get and be.

Most of the time we read negative stories which attracts the attention of the people more in special when we watch TV or read newspapers. There the number of visitors will be converted into money. Why not sharing more positive stories? Is there no interest in that? Try to look for platforms where positive stories are shared they are rare, aren’t they?

This is the idea here when we have started to write such page. By positive energy we can motivate others and make them smiling even forget for a moment some issues they face. By sad stories we could realise better on how happy our life is and that it can be always worse than it is.

Because of the fast living life we sometimes do not take a break to realise the good moments or take the time for the good stories. Life is not only political, economy, money … life is more – unfortunately many people realise this in sad moments when someone gets sick or die. Then anything else becomes non important anymore.


In the educational part of Supporter(s)Vision we share most of the time Healthcare improvement ideas and work together on better standards and better Healthcare ideas.

We are humans and look and talk to other humans to get inspired.

If you allow us to post your stories here and on Twitter even under full privacy not to add your name we would do this in the way to bring more brightness in the mind and heart of the people worldwide.

Thank you !


Thank you to be with us and supporting us.