Our Mission & Vision(s)

Our Mission is our Vision in talking in and to a global network of people wth the same interest. Healthcare is so important as it is a part of our life. Life only can be enjoyed as long as possible if we use and utilise the best medical treatment as possible. Since the X-Ray images were invented and developed there was a dramatic change in improvement of technical equipment. From analog film to digital files and PACS workstations with DICOM equipment and standards. Further doctors have exchanged and learnt from others how diseases could be understand better and could be treated more efficient than before. Cancer is a part of our life and will remain. In the past people had to die when lunge or breast or prostate cancer was diagnosed but nowadays using the new technology in the correct way and treat and screen the patient in early stages this could extend or fix the health issues and longer our life. But here the deterioration of the equipment and importance of Quality Control and Quality Assurance need to be correct understood. To check medical grade monitors there are special test patterns / phantoms needed to clarify all visibility on the display. Here are some examples


AAPM TG18 has started in the 90s to work on Test patterns for monitors. That time the monitor technology was CRT based now we have wide spread LCD technology with sometimes a different screen format wide instead of square so adjustment may be required to secure the quality check in the future for accurate image diagostics.


Unfortunately not everybody on our world has the chance to get access to such equipment and expertise and this we think as unfair and would like to change with our messages to reach a fair and same global healthcare improvement to give all lives a chance to live and survive.

There are various guidelines and standards available but unfortunately not unified and with different parameters. This is sometimes driven by the industry or controlled by the governments. So as long as there is a personal interest involved a unify global standard is hard to be achieved. The Supporter(s) Vision Team is therefore free from company and personal interest to drive further such Vision forward as experts and educational scientific material and information.

The Team welcome all people with the same spirit to be part of our team or to deliver us important stories which we plan to share with others on our platform.