My name is Juergen Heckel. I have founded Supporter(s) Vision in October 2016 with the goal to create something better in understanding on image medical devices.. As i am working in the Health Industry over 23 years I have noticed the needs of improving healthcare standards and educational initiatives. Immediately after I have exchanged such ideas with others in such industry they have also liked the Supporter(s)Vision idea platform and have joined the team. My background is electrical engineering and I became engineer for electronics and microelectronics in 1994. Therefore i have a deep understanding on the hardware device but thanks to my network and experience also understand the needs and requirement the doctor expect from the device. One additional motivation of Supporter(s)Vision was my family , my little small daughter and my parents. I would like to give my passion and knowledge to support a good healthcare for her and other kids in the future. They should have a fair chance whenever they suffer from sickness to recover. Same as older people. Thats the human aspect here.

Further I act as Expert workgroup member in various standardisation teams from IEC and AAPM and ASI and also got certified under IEC/ISO to be a “Medical Device Advisor”. With my educational and business background and my global business network I see such initiative and value sharing my experiences with others having the same the goal of a global Healthcare improvement in understanding better medical image diagnostic devices and workflow.

Other Supporters act and think here in the same way as they are experts in their own business field and have their wide own network and experiences. So streamline all together will create the value and change worldwide for a better healthcare treatment and equipment understanding.

Thank you for joining us.


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