Global Supporter(s)

Global Supporters are people who like our mission. They are giving their voices and expertise on such platform to support others with better educational understanding. They are experts in their job and come from different countries and business fields. Some of them are doctors, radiologists, pathologists, engineers or work in standardisation workgroups to push for better global standards with minimum needed requirements. Some had in their personal life some examples where friends or family members died or get hurt from misreading or misdiagnosis on medical images. So they have joined our global team to share their life stories with others.


Currently we have Supporter(s) from the following countries:

Austria, Germany, Japan, Sweden, USA, France, India, Argentina, Jordan, Lebanon, South Africa, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Portugal, Turkey etc. 

Here are some Supporter(s) messages who give their experience and name to such initiative:

  • Professor Laszlo Tabar, MD, FACR (Hon) – “Accurate imaging of Breast Cencer in its earliest phase and proper training of the readers are the prerequisites of saving women`s life”
  • Michael Linver MD, FACR, FSBI – “Accuracy in Healthcare is exremly important. I personally give all my energy to educate to early Breast Cancer Diagnostic”
  • Sawsan Mutlak, Senior Radiographer KHCC – “Our knowledge and experience are worthless if we do not share with others the knowledge and help them aquire new experiemces to serve them the humanitarian needs of the community”
  • Dipl. Ing. Karl Grün, zJPM, Director Austrian Standards – “Keep the patient in the focus and provide the optimum healthcare service. Standards can be significantly contribute to achieving the vision of Supporter(s) and the justification is clear”
  • Christiane Hunold, Clinical Marketing and Product Manager – “Early detection in mammography is crucial to safe life`s, QC&QA bing a helping tool to grant a high levek of performance”
  • Masaharo Morita, Global Manager & Product Marketing – “Preventive Health by early detection, screen for the Life and trying to create such culture in all countries by delivering know how”
  • DrDr Friedrich Semturs, MAS, Medical Physicist, PhD, MD – “Technical Quality Control is extremly important for ensuring that the diagnostic quality is not impacted because of less optimized hardware and software. It is my highest priority to ensure that in particular digital mammography systems and their peripheral components are functioning on the highest level of technnology as well as most actual scientific understanding”
  • Delmar Santos, CEO and General Manager – “Technology should allow any patient to have access to Healthcare wherever he is whenever he needs. The challenge is to make solutions more simple and easy access for patients and doctors so they can be closer”