AI – How much automatisation is healthy?

As we notice daily there is a lot of development in AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Healthcare. We would like to have an open talk about the pros and cons of this and how such new assistance or replacement? could support the better patient treatments worldwide. Some time ago there was a discussion in the USA and Germany about Healthcare 4.0. It was about feeding a high end computer with world-wide patient data and medical treatments to assist the radiologists for better diagnostic.

Then such a discussion was taken into the cost saving aspect to think about replacement of human in healthcare by automatic machines. So where are we now? Of course there are challenges we have to overcome is to provide all human worldwide access to a medical treatment, improve and accelerate the diagnostic results and reduce the number of false diagnosis. In all the technologies and trends we see the importance of the image diagnostic device decreasing and here we highlight the risk. Of course it sounds cool when all will be easy access, hardware independent, AI software to detect the cancer and propose automatic the treatment for the patient. How accurate are such treatments with zero foot print, cloud based patient data solutions? Were is the cloud and how we can be sure that the automatic process analyse the correct patient data and not something different.

So satisfying all aspects remains the challenge so it will not end in a black and white decision and answer. It depends on from where we look into. (Procurement, Doctor and Patient perspective) Of course Healthcare environment and experts cost money and today a high number of patients do not have an access to any medical care today so there is a need to act.  So cloud based solutions where anybody can access anywhere is for sure an advantage and should be driven forward but the hardware should not be forgotten.

But where is the compromise? Where is the challenge? In case AI technology is considered to replace the doctor we personally dislike the idea as Healthcare is a human matter and should remain. There has to be always the dialog between the humans not just to receive a automatic report to judge the healthcare. And the computer is only such intelligent as feed by the human expert. As assistant of course extremely important as the number of images doctors have to study every day is increasing but replacement is maybe a too far step. Last days we have celebrated worldwide the Day for Radiologists. We need such experts also in the future there is no doubt.

Accuracy and performance should be never forgotten in all aspects. Our life is the most value we all have and it should be the target to save this as much as we can.

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